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The delivery of technical translations requires specific skills: Tecnotrad has many years of experience in the translation of technical documents by mother tongue translators. Our skills are not restricted to technical translations but are extended to legal and marketing translation.


    If you are looking for qualified translators for our manuals and your documents, then you must contact TECNOTRAD. We prioritise service quality and then our customers’ satisfaction, without losing sight of the importance of offering:
  • Competence: which comes from over 20-year experience and a network of over 30 specialised translators
  • Punctuality: always meeting the agreed deadlines
  • Great quality-price ratio
  • Confidentiality of contents
  • Flexibility, a streamlined structure which enables us to easily meet customers needs



Our translation agency boasts over twenty-year experience in the translation industry in English, Italian, German, French, Spanish and many other language combinations. Our company co-operates only with mother-tongue professional translators with at least five-year experience in the translation business. TECNOTRAD is a team of professional translators specialised in Italian, German and English, but capable of meeting customers' needs in over 40 language pairs with over 10,000,000 words translated. A streamlined structure enables us to be flexible and offer competitive rates. Meeting of agreed deadlines, confidentiality and competence are our main characteristics.



    The translation services offered by TECNOTRAD include the management of multi-lingual projects with native translators ensuring the technical understanding of texts on an engineering level. From manuals to spare part catalogues, from technical documentation to commercial translations, out team of professional translators carries out translations in all technical and legal fields.


Being able to talk in the customer’s language is essential to improve understanding, above all with the purpose of setting collaboration strategies and clarifying technical issues. Tecnotrad offers interpreting services for trade fairs, corporate visits, technical and commercial negotiations and meetings in Italy and abroad.


Our localisation services enable customers to adjust their product to the market and culture it is intended for. Therefore we do not restrict our services to text translations, but adjust the content and style of contents to the destination Country. Our localisation service is not only applied to websites, but also to the entire material referred to a certain product.

Certified translation

The certified translation (sworn translation of a document) is required in all cases where an official attestation of the translation is necessary regarding the correspondence of the translated product with the original text. The translator accepts liability of the translated contents, by signing a sworn statement.


The translation needs of a company can be multiple: from the simple fast translation “to just understand what is written” to very high-quality translations taking into consideration the particularity of the Country it is intended for. Because of this we decided to offer three different packages from which you can choose based on the goal you need to achieve. Please do not hesitate to contact us at translations@tecnotrad.net for a customised quote according to your needs and purposes.
10% welcome discount on the first assignment


  • High quality translations by a professional translator

  • Standard formatting


  • High quality translations by a professional translator

  • Proofreading by a translator with broad experience in the field

  • Editing by a mother-tongue professional editor

  • Standard formatting


  • High quality translations by a professional translator

  • Proofreading by a translator with broad experience in the field

  • Editing by a mother-tongue professional editor

  • Hard formatting


What matters to us is always offering our customers the best. That’s why we offer workflows targeted to your specific needs.

Choice of the right translator

We consider it essential to identify the right translator for all projects, who are experienced in a specific field. Where possible, we always assign translations to the same translator so he/she can become a real expert on whom the customer can rely, who will know from the beginning any needs and terms from a specific field.

CAT tools, which means consistency

We use the most up to date CAT tools and software in our translation services, which enables us to ensure terminology and content consistency. This way, the texts translated for the same customer will have the same style characteristics, by facilitating the brand identification on the market.


With reference to Gold and Platinum packages, our translations are proofread by a second translator according to the principle that “4 eyes see better than 2”.


We create a customised glossary for each customer, which is constantly updated based on the customer’s terminology preferences

Customer feedback

Constant contact with customers is aimed at clarifying any technical and conceptual issue regarding the text, and is an essential side of our approach to translation.


Mauro Di Liddo – Comtec srl

I am sending you this e-mail to thank you for your excellent interpreting service, which enabled us to increase our business with our biggest German customer. A special thanks to you and your staff for the accuracy of multi-language translation and the timely deliveries of our technical manuals.

Sandra Schulte - Birrificio Krombacher

We are very satisfied with the very professional and fast work carried out by Tecnotrad. In particular, we appreciate the fast and kind communication which made our collaboration very pleasant!

Agostino Bonacina – Helium Technology

We have been assigning the translation of our technical documentation into all European and Extra-European languages to TECNOCRAD for over 10 years, where we have never received any complaints or reports by the final user due to wrong interpretations or language deficiencies. Apart from the proven language competence, I wish to highlight the effective, timely and dynamic service.


We would be pleased to answer all of your questions on our translation and interpreting services. By entering your details, you can receive a free-no-obligation quote or a free consultancy to define your needs. Alternatively, you can contact our team representatives:

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Dott.ssa Roberta Vaghi: 338.3140314

Via L. da Vinci, 45 - 22071 Cadorago (CO)
Skype: tecnotradtranslations
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